Monday, 5 September 2016

Review: 1861 Shayla Nuit

Hey! This is just a quick review-thing for this dress I bought from the Montreal-based Boutique - 1861. I bought it as my grad dress and had a few adjustments on it, but overall it was an amazing quality dress and was 10/10 super cute! Although to be quite honest I kinda wish I bought a more princess-y dress for grad (which 1861 also supplies for ex see "Edilaide" it is SO BEAUT). Anyway, here are just some photos to give you an idea of the dress and the manufacturing quality. I would rate the dress an easy 10/10, it was true to size and looked just like the stock photo (and it was very comfortable).

srry, I got a little artsy here haha

Some photos from grad to end off this post :)

Well, that is all! Hope you enjoyed this short post! And please proceed to check out 1861!! This Boutique deserves so much more good attention~ 
This post is not sponsored lol

(but pls sponsor me I would love more of your dresses)

Monday, 11 January 2016


Hello friends, I'm back!
So here's just s short clip of me basically goofing around. It was my last bit of relaxation before diving back into school again. As usual, there's not much for you to see, just a bit of things that I thought would be fun to stick in a video. So far, 2016 really has been a bunch of new beginnings for me. For one, I moved out of the room I stayed in for five years and moved into my brother's old room (we traded rooms) which is why there are just a bunch of random clips of things from my NEW room!

But yeah, just a short clip that I made for fun :) Enjoy!

Friday, 1 January 2016


Happy New Year!! Today I'll simply be sharing the photos I took on my trip to Arashiyama in the summer. Enjoy!